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  3. Stay Active: Splash
  • Stay Active: Splash

    June 21, 2013
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    Make a Splash

    Water workouts are easy on the joints and good for the heart. And did we mention fun?

    Water fitness is for everyone! Swimming, water aerobics or water jogging can be refreshing and enjoyable ways to work out or cross-train. If you are suffering from arthritis or other chronic conditions involving joint or back pain, water fitness might be your key to virtually painless and injury-free training.

    • Did You Know?

      In water you weigh about one-tenth of your weight on land. So water workouts cause less strain on your joints and increase your range of motion as the liquid supports the weight of your limbs. At the same time, water can provide you with 12 times as much resistance as air. Therefore, by exercising in water you are conditioning all your muscle groups at once as they are worked out in every direction.

    • Reap the Benefits

      According to recent research, water fitness might even help maintain bone integrity and prevent osteoporosis. What's more, due to the hydrostatic pressure of water, there are cardiovascular benefits comparable to those of cycling and running.

    • Switch Up Your Strokes

      It doesn't matter whether you prefer breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke or aqua aerobics as long as you don't overuse certain muscle groups. Just remember to switch between styles for increased variety, effect and fun.